Friday, November 20, 2009

Fashion Friday: Outfit of the day #3 Check out my video on youtube and subscribe if you haven't done so already!

My hair: washed, dryed, oiled, braided, slept over night, woke up, took the braids out and done! Add a little oil or mouse if you like to maintain a moist apperance! Add a hairclip for added funk! I bought this one at a oriental trading store at Franklin Mills Mall for $1

My boots I purchased from payless last year for $19.99 plus it was buy a second pair half off!

My Outfit: black off the shoulder bat wing from walmart for under $10.00, pair of jeans from conway $12.99, necklace at a little vintage store at the flea market in the poconos $9.99, earrings from a corner botega (spanish owned store) for $1

Want longer, stronger, healthier nails use duri rejuvecote nail growth system! It's a life saver (a lil dramatic) lol but it does work!