Friday, December 25, 2009


My Sexy Christmas Eve Dress to My Hubby's Family's Party!
I hope Everyone had as much as myself and my family on this very special day! We woke up about 7:30a.m. Santa left so many presents for my little ones it took us about 3 hours unwrapping presents and cleaning up. Afterwards my mother made up breakfast which consited of scrabled eggs, bacon and sausage.....YUMMY! Then I went to Dunkin Donuts because of course I needed a pep to keep me going. Then we all got ready and went from house to house exchanging gifts and visiting our family till we finally ended up at my best friends house about 5:00 p.m. She was so gracious and made us dinner which consisted of mashed potatoes, corn, peas and baked chicken.....YUMMY! Thank you Sam! Then the adults had a few to many and played twister yea picture that lol;) All in all we had an amazing Christmas! Thank you to everyone who sent me Christmas wishes I really appreciate your cyber friendships;)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sum cute evening (going out, special occasion outfits;))

Monday, December 7, 2009

Maybeline dream mouse at the dollar store;)

Cover girl highlight in spring mist and black color in shimmering onyx;)

New N.Y.C new york line of nail polish

Here are swatches: without any base, homemade primer (base), and two face shadow insurance
This is what Homemade primer looks like all mixed up.....and below are the ingredients!

You need some foundation or concealer whichever you have really it doesn't matter.....

and you need a body butter TIP: preferably without scent or color since it will be on your eyes you could get a reaction from dyes or scents so keep it neutral!

So Basically all you need to do is add 1/2 foundation or concealer to a jar and half body butter make small amounts for hygenic reasons;) So have fun making your own primer/eyeshadow base you will see it works pretty good especially when you are wearing makeup on a budget!