Friday, May 8, 2009

So I just went to the dentist and was informed that i have 2 get my wisdom teeth pulled not because im in pain or they are impacted but because they are decaying ill! yucky! nd ouch! So I made an appointment for the 21st I am not ready for this pain! They will take 2 out and than the other on another day! Other wise my teeth are perfect, no cavities, and my dentist said I have great oral Hygiene that I must brush really well! Yay! So yea teeth are beauty related lol! Plus I'm a little scared and nervous so I decided to write! Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi girl, it’s besamemucho28 from youtube. (deanna)Hope that all the teeth stuff goes ok! I had my wisdom teeth pulled a few years back, the only good thing was that I lost weight from it! LOL all I ate was baby food like the plums or the fruit kind, jamba juice and pudding. I love the outfits you posted below, yellow is one of my FAVORITE colors to wear! Especially in the summer months. It looks like ur diet is going great! We have a Rainbow here in Chgo too, do u guys have the Discovery clothing company?

  2. thanks so much nd sad thing i was thinking the same thing that maybe i lose a couple lbs from the experience thats sad how we get when we want 2 lose weight;) i had one of my wisdom teeth pulled b4 the actual procedure wasnt bad for me it was after ouch! but that one was impacted im hoping these wont b so bad since they dont hurt now! cool u have rainbows i wasnt sure where else they had them! Yellow is my new fav color 2! nd no we dont have the discovery clothing company:(